Office, District and Committees

Committee Meetings

Central Office Meetings
Tuesday, October 9, 2018
Steering Committee Meeting – 6pm
Central Office Rep – 7pm
Location: The Harbor Club in the living room
(3000 W. 5th St, Ft Worth 76107)

~Combined District Six ~
Oct 13th—Sat—Meadowbrook Group-11:00 am
~ Committee Meetings ~
Special Needs-Oct 6th -Sat-Harbor-10am
Corrections-Oct 7th -Sun-PrimPurp-2pm
Grapevine-No meetings scheduled (temporarily)
Treatment-Oct 7th -Sun~Meadowbrook~2pm

District 61
Sat. Nov 10th– TBA – 9am

District 62

District 64
Sat. Oct 13th—Meadowbrook—9am